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Mainline Water Chlorination April 14-30

The Beaver Falls Waterworks District will be chlorinating the water system as part of annual maintenance from April 14-30, 2020. 

Flushing water mains is carried out as part of an annual scheduled preventative maintenace program to improve water quality by removing sediment that gradually deposits in the pipes and to help maintain safe high quality drinking water.  Mainline flushing also reduces bacteriological growth, improves color, control corrosion and helps to restore flow and pressure in the distribution system.   The treated water will disinfect your water lines so the BFWD can ensure the freshest water possible.

There should be no interruption of the water supply. During this period of water main flushing, there may be a taste and smell of chlorine in the water.  We add enough chlorine to the water to keep it safe. You can easily get rid of the chlorine taste by filling a container with water and keeping it in the refrigerator for drinking-much of the chlorine will leave the water overnight.

The District thanks you for your patience and cooperation.