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Pump Failure

One of the two wells that supply the Beaverfalls Waterworks District has failed and we are expecting it arrive on June 25th.

Since we are experiencing hot weather, we are asking the residents of the BFWD to limit water consumption to essential use during this time until repairs can be made as we are only running on one well. Please do your best to decrease the amount of outdoor watering. No washing of motor vehicles, driveways, etc.

It is critical that we continue to meet the domestic needs for all residents. The Beaverfalls Waterworks will continually monitoring the water consumption and will adjust as needed. 

If water consumption does not keep us safely below our maximum pumping capabilites, severe use of water restrictions, including complete prohibition, may be implemented.

We are asking everyone to do thier part and work together to conserve water until we can get Well #2 repaired.

If you have any questions please contact us beaverfallswaterworks@gmail.com

We appreciate your co-operation during this time.